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Your FreeStyle Freedom Lite® meter comes with one preinstalled, #2032, 3 volt, lithium battery. The battery provides enough power for the meter to perform about 1000 tests. If your battery runs low, the battery symbol () appears on every display screen until you change the battery.

Important: When this symbol appears, ()  you should replace the battery immediately.
  • To avoid losing the time and date settings, replace the battery within one minute of removing the old battery.
  • If you take more than one minute to replace the battery, you may need to reset the time and date to get the correct 7-, 14- and 30-day averages. If the time and date settings are lost, the time and date displays flash 12:00 and 00-00 until they are reset.
  • Removing the battery does not affect the meter’s memory log or previously-stored user settings (such as date and time formats).
  • If the time and date settings are not reset, test results will be stored in memory with a time of 12:00 and a date of 00-00.
  • Even if you lose your time and date settings – you can perform a blood glucose test, and results will not be affected.

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